Prospective Employers:

The primary purpose of the Community Service Work Study Program is to provide part-time employment that will encourage students to participate in community service activities that will benefit the community and those in it. One of the program’s goals is to engender in the students a sense of social responsibility and commitment of community.

Community Service Work Study employment must be with a Federal, State, or local public agency or for a private nonprofit organization. Nonprofit organizations must be incorporated as nonprofit under Federal or State law. The agencies that employ TAMU students are charged twenty five percent (25%) of the student’s hourly rate, plus the employee’s taxes. The agencies are responsible for covering its Community Service Work Study student employees under Workers' Compensation insurance.

To be considered for participation in this program, please fill out the eligibility form and fax it to our office at 979.847.9061. A review will be made to determine the eligibility of your agency. If approved, a contract packet will be forwarded to finalize the agreement.

Current Employers:

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