Training Resources for Student Employees

Listed below are a number of resources that supervisors can utilize to provide professional development opportunities to their student employees. 

Student Employee Workshops

The Student Employment Office offers a number of free student employee workshops that are designed to enhance professional skills.

LinkedIn Learning Training Videos

LinkedIn Learning provides a multitude of training videos, including training on workplace professional skills as well as hard skills. Below is a selection of training videos that are offered. Supervisors can also assign training on software that a student worker may need for their specific job, such as HTML, Java, AutoCAD, Photoshop, SQL, and Microsoft Office/365.

NOTE: Unaffiliated student workers such as high school students and Blinn students will not have access to LinkedIn Learning. Unaffiliated student workers may be able to take advantage of a one-month free trial of LinkedIn Learning.

Some helpful LinkedIn Learning training videos for student employees include:

Helpful Videos and Articles

The following videos and articles can be used for student employees to watch or read and discuss later with the supervisor as a reflection.