Why post student employee positions?

Although many employers may find it more convenient to hire a student employee that is the friend of a friend, employers are cheating themselves when they practice this. By posting student job opportunities in jobsforaggies.tamu.edu, employers are advertising to thousands of potential applicants. Employers receive a more qualified applicant pool and tap into resources they may not have tapped into before. Additionally, employers uphold the equal opportunity premise by posting positions for many to view.

Can a specific academic major be listed as a requirement?

Unless there is a genuine reason that an applicant be in a specific course of study, it is not recommended that employers list an academic major as a requirement. Employers have the ability to influence and challenge employees. It may be that students of an unrelated field of study have the talent and interest that employers seek. Course of study alone does not indicate ability.

Must a rate of pay be posted?

Yes. We do not allow employers to post commission-only jobs, or jobs that pay below minimum wage. Additionally, students do not want to apply for a job unless they know how much it will pay. If rate of pay depends on qualifications, a base rate can be posted. Applicants tend to look for positions with competitive rates of pay. Minimum wage jobs may not be nearly as attractive as those that pay more. 

Is it necessary to interview student employees?

Without an interview, it becomes virtually impossible to determine “fit”. Even though a student employee may have experience in a particular field or possess the skills to perform essential functions of the job, it is recommended that employers interview applicants before extending an offer for employment. In taking the time to make a more informed decision, employers will keep employees longer and find a better return on their investment.