A student employee is entered into the payroll system once the hiring department submits the following documents, appropriately completed, to the appropriate payroll station, and upon hire, all student employees are to complete:


New Student Employee Orientation Certificate
Criminal Background Check Request Form
Employee Payroll Action (EPA)
_______   Employee Personal Data Form
_______   IRS Form W-4
_______   Direct Deposit Authorization
_______   INS I-9 Form

and for the employee's personnel file:

Documented proof of Selective Service Registration*

and within 30 days of hire, all student employees are to complete:

Orientation to the A&M System**
TAMU Ethics Training**
Equal Employment Opportunity Supplemental Training: Creating a Discrimination Free Workplace **
Information Security Awareness**

*All male employees between the ages of 18 and 25 must show proof of compliance with Selective Service registration. Although self-reported Selective Service registration verification is completed with on-line Orientation, hiring departments should retain documented proof in the employees’ files.


** HR Connect account is established by hiring department

For additional information on completing forms, please call the Student Employment Office at 845-0686.

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