Ways to Celebrate NSEW

National Student Employment Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to recognizing the valuable contributions that Texas A&M student employees make to our University and the surrounding community. Student employees serve in many on and off-campus positions that play an integral role in the operation of our organizations and businesses.

The Student Employment Office would like to encourage you to plan your own celebration to recognize your student employees’ contributions. Some ways your office or department can celebrate include:
  • Hold your own awards ceremony and give out awards for unique categories (i.e. Best Attendance, Best Computer Skills, Most Organized, and Best Customer Service).
  • Take your student employees out to lunch or order in and have a pizza party.
  • Bring in a cake, cupcakes, or cookies decorated for National Student Employment Week.
  • Award students small tokens of appreciation, such as movie tickets or gift cards.
  • Have the full-time staff members write notes to the students detailing how they assist them day-to-day and thanking them. Give flowers or balloons.
  • Decorate a bulletin board for your student employees with pictures and notes from the staff.
  • Give each student a framed photo of the entire office staff that they can take with them when they graduate. Decorate the frame to show your appreciation.
  • Gather information on your student employees such as career goals, favorite movie, unique talents, etc. and post in the office break room. Many times, full-time staff know very little about part-time student employees.
  • Conduct a scavenger hunt for your student employees.
  • Give the student a “Friendship Plant”; a cutting from an office plant in a small pot decorated to show your appreciation. This way the student will always have a “live” connection to their student employment experience.
  • Pat on the Back - Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper. Photocopy enough copies for all students in your office. On each hand write a note that tells the student why they deserve a “Pat on the Back”.
  • 'Good Egg Award' - Buy plastic Easter eggs, fill with goodies and give out with "Good Egg Certificates". List what the students did to deserve this award.
  • If you are in a large office, take up a department-wide collection to purchase an advertisement in the Battalion thanking your student employees by name. In addition to making your student employees feel appreciated, this will show other students you are a caring employer.
Please, take the time to plan how you will celebrate National Student Employment Week this April. No matter how you choose to recognize your student employees, remember to let them know you appreciate their contributions!

Additional details on the campus-wide celebration can be found on the National Student Employment Week page. For questions, please contact the Student Employment Office at 845-0686 or jobsforaggies@tamu.edu.