What is an Internship?

An internship is a career-related work experience usually lasting one semester, often occurring during the summer. Internships should be a carefully monitored learning experience for the student - assignments appropriate to the student's educational level and related to their field of study are expected.

Note: If a student intern is seeking a for-credit internship, the employer and supervisor may have more responsibilities that are required for the student to receive academic credit. Please remember this when recruiting and hiring.          

Benefits of Internships

Some of the many benefits of providing internships for employers include:
  • Provide valuable experience for students that supports retention and degree completion
  • Possibility of hiring an intern with Work Study funding, reducing cost to department
  • Bring in fresh perspectives and increase productivity
  • Help develop student skill sets
  • Can market directly to learning community students in targeted academic programs

Career Center Resources

Employers interested in advertising internship opportunities to Aggies should use HireAggies. For more information about posting internships on HireAggies, see the Career Center Employers page. Other resources the Career Center provides include:
  • Interview facilities for on-campus interviews
  • Recruiting strategies and staff that can assist you every step of the way
  • Career Exploration Days 

On-Campus Internship Program

Student engagement is a core area of investment for Texas A&M University. To meet this goal, Texas A&M is expanding its on-campus internship program to provide more students the opportunity to work with the university’s staff and faculty, and continue to attend classes. Participating students will be given meaning experiences through their internships that will help prepare them for their future careers.

The University has made an investment to help fund these experiences. If a hiring department can provide a quality on-campus learning experience that goes beyond the duties of a typical student employee position, can provide appropriate supervision, and pay 25% of the student intern’s wages, the University can provide the remaining wages using Federal Work Study or Texas College Work Study funds. To qualify for Work Study, students must meet all other Federal Work Study guidelines.

An internship is:
  • A meaningful work experience that is interest or major-related, and has a learning component.
  • A short-term experience, usually lasting one or two semesters.
  • Paid or compensated through course credit, scholarship, grant, or stipend.
For more information on when an internship meets the definition of an employee-employer relationship, thus being eligible for compensation and participation in the university benefits system, please see SAP 33.99.08.

Employer requirements to participate in On-Campus Internships

  • Post the internship opportunity on HireAggies.
  • The position must meet the definition of an internship, as defined by NACE.
  • The position must be paid at least minimum wage. View student employee wage rates.
  • The position must have a written position description. View a federal work study compliant position description template.
  • Appropriate supervision must be provided.
  • On-campus student positions must work an average of less than 40 hours per week
  • Complete student evaluation forms as required by the Office for Student Success and/or student’s academic department (if for credit).

How to Hire an Intern

  • View On-Campus employers hiring information.
  • When entering the hiring information in Workday, enter one of the following options for Interns:
    • Federal College Work Study – Intern (can only be used for a student who has work study)
    • State of Texas College Work Study (can only be used for a student who has work study)
    • Student Intern