For On-Campus Employers

Student Employment Enhancements

Posting all part-time undergraduate positions in a central location benefits both students seeking employment and employers. A centralized location for part-time student positions supports equal access to employment opportunities and a diverse applicant pool. The Jobs for Aggies (JFA) job database has existed as a recruiting tool for on-campus employers for over 15 years. On- and off-campus employers can post part-time student positions at no charge. JFA allows the employer to use their own application process or the built-in application. All currently enrolled students have access to search for jobs in the database.
  • All open undergraduate student worker positions will be need to be advertised on the Jobs for Aggies Job Board, starting August 1, 2019.
  • All postings must be active on the Job Board for a minimum of 5 calendar days.
View the document Using Jobs for Aggies to Advertise Your Open Position.
Providing a written position description to student employees is important for many reasons, including setting clear expectations of duties and assisting in performance management. Because learning outcomes provide applicants with a better idea of the type of skills learned through the position, a minimum of three will be required to be included in the job description. It is encouraged that as many learning outcomes as possible be included, with the understanding that a student may not master each outcome in the first year, but rather, over the course of their employment.
  • Position descriptions will be required to be stored in Workday, in one of two ways.
    • Enter position description details in Job Description Section on the Position Restrictions Tab for each student PIN. View the Edit Position Restrictions Job Aid for more detailed instructions. 
    • Store collective position descriptions on your website and paste the link under each PIN in Workday.
  • Each position description should include at minimum, three learning outcomes
  • Any template or form can be utilized, but certain information is required per federal regulations. The template available on this page includes all federally required information.

View the Job Description Template

View the Learning Outcomes Chart.

Develop key competencies for learning outcomes and/or marketable skills to be included in the position description.
Student employment at Texas A&M University should be more than just a pay check for students. It should be an extension of a student’s education and development and prepare students for the professional workforce. Every supervisor of student employees also serves as an educator with the opportunity to provide students the skills they will need to be successful in their future careers. Through student employment, students acquire skills that, no matter the type of position, can be used in their full time employment beyond graduation.  Including specific learning outcomes and/or marketable skills in position descriptions, and incorporating them in to performance management, ensures students think critically about what they are learning.
For examples, view the Learning Outcomes Chart.
The performance feedback process is critical for employees and supervisors, and student employment should be no exception.  Performance evaluations are an important part of the education students receive through student employment.  Receiving formal feedback on their performance prepares them for what to expect in their future career.    
  • Beginning in academic year 2019-2020, an evaluation is required for each student employee once each calendar year, after they have completed one year of employment.
  • If a student terminates employment before reaching one year, an evaluation is NOT required.
  • An evaluation must be completed prior to requesting a pay increase for a student employee before one year of employment.
  • Performance reviews must be documented in writing and discussed with the student. The student must acknowledge receipt of the evaluation in writing.
  • Departments are responsible for retaining all performance reviews and provide them to the Student Employment Office when requested.
Departments may use their own performance review forms or use the Performance Review template available below. Because many positions have different job descriptions, responsibilities, and learning outcomes, departments can edit the template provided to best fit their department and/or individual student employee positions.

View the Performance Review Workshops
View the Performance Review Template
The following is a general job description that can be used in Workday when hiring a student using the Student Research Assistant job profile.  The information should be entered into the appropriate sections on the Hiring Restrictions Tab.

Job Description Summary:
Student Research Assistants support faculty research activities under general supervision. Duties may include literature reviews, data collection and management, assisting with experiments, data collection and/or analysis, supporting research staff, and poster and manuscript contribution. All required University and lab specific training must be completed before being allowed to work in the laboratory.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The Student Research Assistant assists with data collection and supports research work under general supervision.  Duties may include, but are not limited to:
  • Conducts literature reviews
  • Collects and manages data.
  • Assists with experiments in support of various research projects.
  • Uses computers and laboratory or technical equipment for data collection, data entry, and analysis and compiles results.
  • Assists undergraduate and/or graduate students and other laboratory, technical or field staff involved in research.
  • Assists with reports, poster, and manuscript development and research documentation.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Lab-specific training, instruction in laboratory experimental research protocols and instrumentation operation will need to be completed before being allowed to work in the laboratory.

General Qualifications:
  • Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Courteous and professional
  • Strong work ethic (dependable, reliable, demonstrate initiative, etc.)
View the September 2019 memo that addresses how the Student Employment Enhancements were revised to accommodate Student Research Assistants.

Hiring Information

The following descriptions serve as a guide for on-campus employers in determining an appropriate pay range for a part-time student employee position. Within each job position title, an employer may deem a working title (i.e. a Student Technician II may be a Web Designer). Although each title has a maximum and a minimum wage scale associated with it, employers may hire a student at a rate higher than the minimum. Employers should consider both experience and level of responsibility in determining a starting rate of pay.
Federal Work Study and Texas College Work Study student employees should be compensated with the same consideration as regular student employees.

Student Assistant

A person with a few special skills and little or no previous training or work experience. A minimum amount of training is necessary to prepare the employee for work. The employee is generally well supervised and jobs are of a routine nature requiring little decision making.

Student Coordinator

Persons classified at this level require a moderate to high degree of mental activity and independent judgment in addition to extensive previous training and experience. The work performed involves decision making, responsibility for the safety of persons and property or supervision of other student employees and may be an essential function of departmental operations.

Student Research Assistant

The Student Research Assistant job profile is reserved for student positions that support faculty research activities and assist with data collection under general supervision. This job profile should only be used for student worker position where at least 60% of the duties are research related. Duties may vary with each specific positions, but all require that university and lab specific training must be completed before a student may be allowed to work in the laboratory.  Persons hired into these positions should have the ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others.  It is also expected that these students have demonstrated initiative and reliability.

Student Technician

Persons classified at this level must have technical skills, knowledge of the job, or be in a training phase of a technical position, would need little to a moderate amount of supervision, and would occasionally be placed in a supervisory position. Since other student employee classifications require ordinary skills and abilities, the technician classification will be awarded sparingly.

Student Intern

Duties of student interns should be beyond those of typical student employee positions. Your position description should illustrate the level of duties and the required education and experience for the intern title. There should be specific goals listed for the student to achieve throughout the duration of his/her employment that are related to the student’s career path. The objective of hiring a student intern should be for the employer to have a skilled worker and for the intern to gain valuable experience directly tied to their field of interest. It may be necessary to work with academic advisors to allow the intern to earn academic credit for their experience. 

It is important to know that a student intern position is a short-term position, usually lasting one or two semesters. Please use one of our other position titles for a long-term position.

Visit the Jobs for Aggies Internships webpage for additional information or clarification, or contact the Student Employment Office at (979)-845-0686.

Effective September 1, 2019

Updated August 3, 2020

Title Wage Scale
Student Assistant $7.25 to $15.00
Student Coordinator $7.25 to $17.00
Student Technician $7.50 to $17.00
Federal College Work Study-Student $7.25 to $17.00
Texas College Work Study - Off Campus $7.25 to $17.00
State of Texas College Work Study-Student $7.25 to $17.00
Student Intern $8.00 to $17.00
Student Research Assistant $7.25 to $17.00
Student Research Intern $8.00 to $17.00
Federal College Work Study-Community Service* $7.25 to $17.00
Federal College Work Study-Student Reading/Math Tutor* $10.00 to $12.50
Federal College Work Study-Student Bilingual Reading/Math Tutor* $11.50 to $14.00
Federal College Work Study-Student Reading/Math Tutor Coordinator* $12.00 to $16.00
Federal College Work Study – Intern $8.00 to $17.00
State of Texas College Work Study – Intern $8.00 to $17.00

*these title codes are reserved for specific programs. For questions, contact the Student Employment Office.
A non-affiliated student employee is a student who is enrolled in an institution other than Texas A&M University (e.g. enrolled in high schools, junior colleges, other colleges and universities), is working part-time, on or off campus and is processed through one of the Texas A&M University System payroll stations under the Non-affiliated Student Employee Job Position Title. These non-affiliated student employees are not student employees by current definition, yet it is necessary that they be paid the same rate as TAMU student employees performing similar duties.
It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure that the student is eligible to be employed under these Job Position titles (i.e. enrolled or pre-registered for the following semester).

It is also the hiring departments responsibility to verify the age of new employees and follow university guidelines if the employee is under eighteen (18) years of age. Please review University SAP – Procedures for Hiring Minors for details.

Effective December 1, 2016

Workday Job Position Title Wage Scale
Non-Affiliated Student Assistant $7.25 - $15.00
Non-Affiliated Student Coordinator $7.25 - $17.00
Non-Affiliated Student Technician $7.50 - $17.00
Non-Affiliated Student Intern $8.00 - $17.00

The above Job Position title codes are to be used in hiring non-affiliated students for part-time employment on-campus. Although each one has a maximum and a minimum wage scale associated with it, employers may hire a student at a rate higher than the minimum. Employers should consider both experience and level of responsibility in determining a starting rate of pay. Employers wishing to hire or promote a student beyond the upper end of the wage rate category should contact the Student Employment Office at (979) 845-0686.
Texas A&M University is required by Federal and State laws to complete a Form I-9 and electronically submit it to E-Verify for all new hires, including Student Workers. Please read this information carefully and share it with students so that they are prepared in the event that they accept an offer of employment with Texas A&M University.
The Form I-9 has two sections:
  • Section 1 à to be completed by the student employee on or before the hire date.
  • Section 2à to be completed by Texas A&M University, in the presence of the student employee, within three business days of the hire date.
What to Expect
  • Students will complete the Form I-9 in the presence of an HR representative of Texas A&M University.
  • Students should review the lists of acceptable documents that they can present to the employer so that Section 2 can be completed. Students must present original, unexpired documents (photocopies are not accepted) to verify their identity and work authorization. Failure to provide these documents within the required time will result in employment termination.
  • Submitting the information to E-Verify requires a Social Security Number. If a student does not have a SSN at the time the Form I-9 is being completed, they have up to 45 days to obtain a SSN. Once obtained, students should notify their HR contact. Failure to provide a SSN may result in employment termination.
  • Knowingly hiring and continuing to employ unauthorized workers may result in fines and penalties for Texas A&M University. If Section 2 cannot be completed within 3 business days of the employee’s first day of employment, employees must be terminated from the position.
  • International students should refer to UCIS website for more detailed instructions.

Rules & Regulations

Texas A&M University students who work for the University or other agencies within the TAMU System are exempt from FICA (Social Security and Medicare) deductions. 

In order to be considered eligible, students must be enrolled at least half-time at Texas A&M. The law allows each institution to define half-time. TAMU uses the definitions set forth by the Registrar. Work performed during school holidays and breaks between academic periods is eligible for the exemption if: The break is less than 5 weeks long, and the student is enrolled or eligible to enroll in the first academic period following the break.

However, if the break is longer than 5 weeks or the student is not enrolled or eligible to enroll in the next academic period, the student will not be eligible for the FICA exemption. Therefore, it is possible (or even probable) that a student employee will have some wages that were subject to FICA taxes and some that wages that were exempt from FICA taxes during the same year. For more information, contact University Payroll Services at 979-845-2711, or visit their website to check your FICA Exemption Status.
The Student Employment Office and Texas A&M Employee Services are committed to providing employee access to required notices in regard to federal and state laws and system policy. This information is available at Employee Notices on the Employee Services web site. The 76th Texas Legislature, through the Texas Labor Code, requires that all State employees receive mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training with biennial updates. For more information, please see State Mandated Training. Please take time to visit this site and familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities of all TAMU employees.
The Texas A&M University System supports employee service in state or national uniformed service units. The University provides certain employment protections and rights to those who serve our country.

The term 'uniformed services' means the Armed Forces, including Reserve and National Guard units when engaged in active duty for training, inactive duty training, or full-time National Guard duty, the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service, and any other category of persons designated by the President in time of war or national emergency. (38 U.S.C. §4303.16) Texas A&M University complies with all state and federal laws relating to employees in reserve, guard, or active military service and does not discriminate against employees who serve in the military. A person who has an obligation to perform service in a uniformed service cannot be denied initial employment, reemployment, retention in employment, promotion or any benefit of employment on the basis of that obligation. (38 U.S.C. §4301)
Texas A&M University and the Student Employment Office in Scholarships & Financial Aid recognize the importance of providing a prompt and efficient process for resolving student employee/employer conflicts. Resolution should be sought at the level closest to the parties involved. However, a neutral third party may be able to provide assistance in helping the parties in conflict reach a fair and equitable resolution. Student employees and supervisors may seek advice and/or assistance from the Student Employment Office regarding the grievance process.

Work Study

Federal and Texas College Work Study Programs provide on-campus, part-time employment for U.S. citizens, permanent residents and certain other non-citizens who are enrolled at least half-time and have a demonstrated financial need. The maximum amount a recipient may earn under this program is determined through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students employed under this program work an average of 20 hours per week (depending upon financial aid award and class schedule). Federal and Texas College Work Study funds are distributed on a bi-weekly payroll basis. Federal and Texas College Work Study jobs are posted online.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify his/her employer of the work study award. Once you have been hired, give your Work Study certificate to your employer.  Printable work study certificates are available online through My Financial Aid. Watch this helpful YouTube video to download and print your work study certificate.

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