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Community Service Program FAQs

To post a Community Service position, please fill out, print and submit a complete Job Description Form, to the Student Employment Office by fax at (979) 847-9061. Positions will be reviewed and posted within 24-48 hours of receipt.
The agency should complete the bottom portion of the Referral form and fax it to the Student Employment Office. We will then contact the student to complete the Criminal Background Check (CBC) form and we will submit it for approval. Once the CBC is approved we will then contact the student and arrange a time for them to complete TAMU New Hiring Paperwork. This paperwork must be complete and the student must have a Work Authorization form before they may begin working.
No student can begin work until they their Criminal Background Check is approved and they have completed all hiring paperwork with the Student Employment Office. Once completed a Work Authorization will be given to the employee to provide to their supervisor. It is the agency’s responsibility to confirm this has been issued before allowing the student to work.
The rate of pay is determined by the Community Service Agency. In determining a rate of pay, Agencies are to consider the following:
  • Skills needed to perform the job
  • Rates the Agency would normally pay other student employees performing similar duties
  • How much individuals with similar skills are paid in the local market for doing the same type of job
  • A pay increase may be awarded if the responsible supervisor determines that an employee's performance is especially meritorious. The CSP Request for pay increase must document an exceptional level of performance.
  • The CSP Request for pay increase form must be completed by the employee’s immediate supervisor and submitted to the Student Employment Office for review.
  • The Student Employment Office will determine whether the increase is merited.
  • CSP Request of Pay Increase Form
Agencies will receive a monthly invoice for 25% of the student’s wages plus all applicable taxes.
All Texas A&M student employees should receive a performance evaluation at least annually. It is strongly encouraged that you do evaluate your student employees. Student employee evaluations are important and useful tools for the following reasons:
  • Recognize contributions
  • Provide a positive, practical experience
  • Review office/departmental goals
  • Spend time with each individual staff member, emphasizing the value of all with whom we work
The total number of hours a student can work during the semester can be calculated by dividing the hourly wage into the students Work Study award amount. We have also provided a Work Study Calculator for you and your student employee to use to calculate the number of hours the student can work.
First the student will need to contact the Student Employment Office to determine if the student has any additional eligibility. Once the student has earned all of their work study awarded to them and has no more eligibility, the agency will be responsible for 100% of any earnings beyond the amount of the student's work study award. However, the Agency has the right to terminate employment of the student on either a permanent or temporary basis if they have utilized their full work study award.
All disciplinary actions must be documented in writing and submitted to the Student Employment Office. Details of the employee’s infraction warranting the disciplinary action, the specific action taken, and any if a probationary period has been set. If a student is to be terminated, the agency must submit this decision in writing to the Student Employment Office. No student will be terminated without notification from the agency.
Only those individuals listed on the Authorized Timesheet Signers form on record with the Student Employment Office may sign a student’s timesheet.
Some common reasons why students may suddenly become ineligible for work study funding include changes in their financial aid award package, dropping below half-time (6 hrs) enrollment, or failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements as well as the receipt of a scholarship that may not have been reported to Scholarships & Financial Aid. More detail on student eligibility can be found in the Community Service Policies and Procedures.

If you have additional questions, you may contact Scholarships & Financial Aid, Student Employment Office at (979) 845-0686.